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Come here for any information at all about our lovely little site! Inside are all of the basic information that apply to more OOC relations such as the Rules, as well as extraneous IC information like territory information.
07. POSTING COLORS by Danish
May 27, 2014 18:38:41 GMT -4
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Whether it be an activity check, a plot update, a site-wide contest, or of the month voting's, you can find it all here. Anything big happening will be posted within this board. There will be monthly announcements, so check in often so you don't miss anything!
ANNOUNCEMENT 7/13 by Danish
Jul 13, 2014 18:17:24 GMT -4
Help Desk
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As your staff, we want to help out as much as we can, and within this board, you can help us help you out by letting us know about any sort of problem. Please post in here when you are taking a leave of absence, if you have any questions or problems, or even if you have a suggestion to improve the site.
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Let's get real here. Guests, we know what you're really here for, so why make you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for it? In this board you'll find your place to post your promotion, be it first-time or link-back. Maybe you even have a special connection with our site and want to affiliate with us. You'll find it all right here.
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Character Development

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In this board are the clan allegiances, mentor-apprentice lists, name claim, who-plays-who, and clan politics. Read up here for all basic information.
01. ALLEGIANCES by Danish
May 27, 2014 19:00:26 GMT -4
Wanted Ads
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Within this board are the adoption board and kitting board. Whether you're looking to give away your character's litter mates from their application or applying to have a litter of your own, this is the board for you.
Adopt from Twilight by Bluepaw
Aug 2, 2014 0:09:34 GMT -4
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Within this board, you may post your threads for tracking and plotting with your characters. Please post one thread per OOC account and not per character, and please combine your tracking and plotting threads into one if you choose to make both.
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Abandoned Quarry
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ThunderClan's camp is located at the bottom of a manmade quarry. The tall rock walls lined with thorn bushes surround the camp from all angles and provide excellent protection. A tall ledge known as Highledge juts out from one of the walls, and leaders often use this perch to announce clan meetings.
sparks || open by Peonypaw
Aug 4, 2014 22:04:54 GMT -4
Old Thunderpath
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A less traveled portion of the territory is the Old Thunderpath. Although abandoned, cats tend to shy away from it due to the dangerous nature of the monsters that traverse it.
something's bound to happen [brackenpaw / oakpaw] by Brackenpaw
Aug 6, 2014 23:19:29 GMT -4
Sky Oak
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The Sky Oak, a towering tree home to many squirrels, is a common place to train apprentices. It is located at the center of the forest, making it both a common place to see both cats and prey alike.
on top of the world (open) by Brackenpaw
Jul 13, 2014 23:01:12 GMT -4
Abandoned Twoleg Nest
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The abandoned Twoleg nest houses many small prey animals and necessary herbs for the medicine cat's collection. Lots of small rodents live in the small shack, feasting on the many plants that decorate the dirt floor. A beautiful wild garden that has grown far beyond its boundaries encompasses the front of the nest.
Turning Over Leaves - Peonypaw by Deleted
Aug 17, 2014 18:04:44 GMT -4


Small Island
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RiverClan's camp is tucked away between a split in the River Alba, making it well protected. The camp is full of lush foliage and dense marshland plants. The dens are made of brambles and thorns, providing ample security for its residents.
these demons | open by Bluepaw
Aug 2, 2014 10:50:27 GMT -4
River Alba
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RiverClan's territory is mainly just that: rivers. The powerful rushing waters of the River Alba are teeming with fish and lurk just outside of the clan's camp. Many small water rodents spend their time swimming among the shallower parts while stuffing themselves with the seeds of the many plants on the shore
the storm (beavers) by GECKOSTAR
Jul 6, 2014 1:37:33 GMT -4
Greenleaf Twolegplace
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The Greenleaf Twolegplace is an excellent place to collect herbs, but many Twolegs flock to this place during greenleaf to swim in the lake. Hanging around here is risky business, but sometimes during the hotter months, raw and cooked meat of all sorts can be stolen from unsuspecting twoleg kits.
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Month Day, Year at 00:00
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The marshy meadows are full of lush tall grasses and dense ferns, making it easy for cats to disguise themselves when hunting for prey. A small tributary of the river Alba runs through the meadows, but it is not as strong and full of prey. One large stone in particular is a favorite of RiverClanner's to bask upon, and elders joke that it is the Sunningrocks that ThunderClan can't steal.
Hone Your Claws (Quietpaw) by Deleted
Jul 14, 2014 0:08:59 GMT -4


Gorse Hollow
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The WindClan camp surrounds a giant boulder. This is called the Tallrock, and the leader makes speeches from atop its mammoth peak. Although the nursery, medicine cat's den, and elders sleep in gorse dens, the warriors, apprentices, and higher-ups prefer to sleep out in the open, except during foul weather.
Aftermath by Deleted
Aug 1, 2014 19:20:58 GMT -4
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WindClan's territory is predominantly the open moors. The open moorlands are home to many birds and rabbits. Stealth is not a smart hunting tactic here, so warriors must rely on their speed.
The Worst is Over [Open] by lightstep
Jul 3, 2014 20:52:39 GMT -4
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On its southern border, a Horseplace resides. It is teeming with prey, so any cat daring to make its way past the dogs and the horses will be rewarded with ample food.
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Month Day, Year at 00:00
Forest Edge
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The edge of forest alongside the Moonpool stream is often home to forest prey, though WindClanners don't have much experience hunting them. Far too often does one clan accidentally cross the border while hunting, making it the site of many border scuffles.
ALL WAS LOST [ plot related — all wc ] by Deleted
Jul 14, 2014 2:00:58 GMT -4


Pine Clearing
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ShadowClan's camp is in the midst of a tangle of brambles and pine trees. The low-hanging branches of the evergreens make excellent cover for the camp's inhabitants. The cats sleep in dens made of bramble thickets and lined with moss. Leaders make clan-wide announcements from atop the Hazel Branch.
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Month Day, Year at 00:00
Evergreen Forest
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ShadowClan's forest territory is a combination of RiverClan and ThunderClan climates. The territory is lush and foresty, but some parts are marsh-like and ruddy. The Evergreen Forest is full of the variety of forest prey ShadowClanner's hunt to eat.
AT THE CRACK OF DAWN (echopaw) by adderfrost
Jul 28, 2014 11:01:54 GMT -4
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The Marshes are full of the amphibian and reptilian life that ShadowClan prides itself on being able to feed on. Cattails and ferns adorn the muddy, wet terrain.
How can I believe, when this cloud hangs over me? [OPEN] by adderfrost
Jul 9, 2014 19:52:52 GMT -4
Sand Clearing
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The Sand Clearing in the midst of the forest is an excellent spot for training apprentices in battle skills. The sudden break in the marshes makes for a soft-sanded clearing littered with small grasses and mossy rocks.
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Outside Lands

Main Square
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The town of Bridgewater houses many cats, but surprisingly, the twoleg locals don't seem to mind. Any cat, be it kittypet, loner/rogue, or a cat of the Kingdom of Camelot, is welcome to walk about here, though some portions of the town belong strictly to the Kingdom.
a pleasant day [open] by caligula
Jul 14, 2014 23:11:32 GMT -4
Bridgewater Castle
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No, no, it's not an actual castle. However, the Cats of Camelot treat it as such. In reality, it is the abandoned home of the Origin King's twoleg. Thanks to the failing economy and poor structure of this "castle", no twoleg wants to purchase the home, leaving the Kingdom to claim it as their own. An untamed garden of wild flowers coats the yard, making it a beautiful place to hold social gatherings.
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Evergreen Park
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This patch of forest on the edge of ShadowClan territory is teeming with prey. Loners and rogues may hunt here for food, but the Cats of Camelot consider hunting a sport and consider it a noble activity. Although they do not explicitly claim the territory as their own, the Cats of Camelot do not take well to those who hunt on their grounds.
It's so quiet(Open) by Smokey
Jul 23, 2014 1:18:18 GMT -4
Backwater Alley
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There's just something offputting about this dark alley. Overturned trash cans line the narrow walls, and rats scurry about unrestrained. However unnerving the sight may be to twolegs, cats find this place to be a place of good food and good shelter. However, fights often break out when a cat tries to claim it as his own.
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Neutral Territories and Borders

Gathering Island
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This is where the clan's hold their moonly Gatherings. The shore of the island is covered in brambles and rocks, but as you progress deeper into the land, the landscape turns into a lush forest. A tall oak tree with low-hanging branches is where the leaders perch during the ceremony, and the rest of the cats sit in the clearing.
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The Moonpool is the clan's sacred space to connect with their ancestors in StarClan. It is a small pool situated at the bottom of a hollow. Medicine cats and apprentices journey here once a moon to meet with StarClan, while new leaders come to receive their nine lives.
The Half-Moon Rises [Medicine Cat Meeting] by Deleted
Jul 11, 2014 0:36:37 GMT -4
Lake Beaches
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The lake touches the border of every clan, and as such it belongs to no clan. The sandy beaches are often a play spot for younger cats, as they are teeming with interesting objects. The beach is also a means for transportation between territories so that cats can travel without trespassing.
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Moonpool Stream
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ThunderClan - WindClan border.
This small river winds through the moorlands of WindClan territory. The grassy open moors are on the WindClan side, while the dense forest lies on the ThunderClan side. Prey scuffles often occur here, as mid-chase the prey animal may cross the borders, causing confusion.
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Month Day, Year at 00:00
Forest Clearing
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ShadowClan - ThunderClan border.
The dense forest in both territories comes to an abrupt halt at the beginning of this serene clearing. Although it may appear peaceful, this location has been the site of many bloody battles between the two clans over the Twolegplace nearby.
SPIES ON ENEMY TERRITORY (lotuspaw) by Lionpaw
Jul 30, 2014 15:13:44 GMT -4
Small Thunderpath
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RiverClan - ShadowClan border.
The small road leading to the greenleaf twolegplace is often deserted by both twolegs and cats. This border has been the site of some bloody battles between the two clans, often about a problem as little as stealing prey.
Shadow Thief (open) by adderfrost
Jul 15, 2014 19:08:31 GMT -4

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